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Making your creative dreams a reality, so you can spend more time in the saddle.

Graphic Design catered to the equestrian entrepreneur
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Gold Horse Photography
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Ready to brand your equine business in a professional and unique-to-you way? At ALT Art & Design, we pride ourselves on creating an identity that tells YOUR story.

owner with computer in lap and horse smelling it

Hoping for a specific design that you can't quite execute? Tired of thumbing through the same old set of templates? We offer an abundance of design services catered to your specific needs.

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What better way to commemorate your four-legged bestie than with a custom portrait? Not limited to equines, digital illustrations make great gifts to showcase family, friends, & pets.


Your designer is the driver.
Your brand is the destination.

Photo by
Gold Horse Photography

Hey there, horse girl

I see you, I am you. An avid equestrian since childhood, I knew my life would somehow revolve around late nights at the barn and sketch pads full of ponies, but I never dreamed it would become part of my career. Ever since I was a little girl, when someone asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I'd say "I don’t care what I'm doing, as long as I'm helping others."

Born with creative bones and a passion for all things equine, I steered away from a career involving my two greatest passions due to the jabbing statistic that you can't make money in art or horses. Little did I know...


Amber and I worked together on a logo for my farrier business and it went so well! I had a very specific design in mind and Amber brought it to life immediately. It was wonderful to have her feedback and input as we perfected my vision. I am so happy I hired her and can't wait to use her for design work again in the future. Her passion for her clients is obvious.

Corrie Mannion, Sole Purpose Hoof Care

ALT Art & Design is a wonderful company that cares for its clients and spend an astronomical amount of time making sure every detail of your logo/portrait is perfect. I was fortunate enough to get a portrait done of my dog and I could not be happier.

Xicalli Matty

I reached out to Amber to work on some digital portraits for me. She was super helpful with offering suggestions on what pictures would turn out the best. Loved the final result in both images!

Erica Hartman

I recently started a small biz and had no ideas for names or designs. I contacted Amber and asked for help and she came back within a day or so with an AMAZING design and name. Highly recommend her! She’s amazing and super talented!!

Rylee Ball, The Boozy Hound
Horse Mama Raggy Patch Hat
Horse Mama Raggy Patch Hat
Headless Until Caffienated Sticker
Headless Until Caffienated Sticker

Looking for a gift?

Looking for the perfect gift? Check out what we have to offer, where there's sure to be something special for everyone.